Daily Prompt: You’re a Cowboy Casanova

Ever been dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend? Was it a total surprise, or something you saw coming? Tell us your best worst breakup story. Never been the dumpee, always the dumper? Relate the story of a friend who got unceremoniously kicked to the curb. Change the names to protect the innocent if you must.

The Daily Prompt was rather an interesting writing theme. I can’t say that I don’t enjoy the topic, but it doesn’t tickle my whiskers to write anything of substance. Yes, I know my last post was wretched and not inspiring or noteworthy, but they’re my thoughts dammit!

Here is yet another uninspiring blog entry that may or may not be interesting.

Two years back I was a junior in high school (11th grade) and had been in only one relationship. My junior year of high school was a roller coaster. I had an extremely unsavory teacher that taught my honors science course that had a deep seeded hatred towards me for several reasons. I was going through new health issues and was trying to balance school, social life, health and, an after school science club (Science Olympiad). Well…there was this guy in my honors science class that sat next to me in our assigned seats. M and I shared several mutual friends but had never spoken to one another in high school. I quickly learned that M was an alpha male by nature and had a creative sense of humor. And God, he was intelligent (still is). Once we got to know each other we began to hang outside of school and I joined the science club that friends of ours are members of as well.

A few weeks pass and of course we felt an attraction between us so we decided to pursue one another. Oh, and M looked like Napoleon Dynamite just with hipster glasses and a light Texan accent (he’s originally from Texas). I go for brains. Gradually we both get closer in our relationship but we decide not to make it Facebook Official. The fanfare of relationships didn’t appeal to either of us by making our relationship public. I’ve never made a relationship Facebook Official to this day. Our new relationship continues with few bumps on the road and things seem to be great. Nothing seems odd with M until three weeks before prom.

M grows distant and I assume it’s just the stress of visiting colleges, studying for A.P exams, and science club stress (he was a member waaaay before I joined). We still chat but something just seems off. But he wouldn’t open up and said it wasn’t family issues, but he was fine. I brought up prom a couple of times and he blew me off. Okay, well I could go with friends-without him. He didn’t like “frivolous dances”. One day after school I get home and check Facebook and I click on M‘s name. Hmm, he’s in a relationship. He’s in a relationship with a girl who isn’t me.

My jaw drops and several curse words fly through my mind. But then everything clicks. The recent distance, (I never thought that not having a relationship FBO was weird-I don’t think he knew this girl then anyway), the off-putting moods, all of it made sense. I didn’t contact M the day I found out about his Official relationship. I waited until the next day after class (which we had assigned seats next to each other again) to chat with M.

After class the next day I asked M if we could chat for a second at my locker. The terrified expression was so satisfying. But like the gentleman he was, M agreed to chat.

“So, how has your week been? I’ve missed you lately.” When I discuss difficult topics that make me angry I draw it out. I knew with M, I wouldn’t want to talk to him soon after this debacle unless I absolutely had to interact with him.

“My week has been nice. Yeah, I’ve been rather busy.; you know how school and A.P classes can be, E.” He responds confidently. Nothing surprises me about M‘s response, his arrogance comes out when he’s nervous.

“So, how’s your new relationship with S? You guys getting along well? Does S know about me? Most girls aren’t wild about sharing boyfriends.” Yes, I smoothly slid these lines in our conversation. I didn’t want this conversation to seem forced or awkward….

“Umm, she and I… Well, we are fine. S doesn’t seem. I don’t understand what you’re saying.” He fidgets and can’t hold eye contact with me.

Are you fucking kidding me? You really just pulled the, “I don’t understand”, bullshit line?

M, we’re done. I’ll keep this break up from being Facebook Official since you don’t like the “fanfare” of relationships being announced on Facebook. But when you guys break up, don’t do this to her. Even S deserves a formal break up conversation. For that matter, any relationship that ends is worth a formal ending of some sort.” Despite my anger towards him and the whole situation, sadness seeps into my heart. I’ll cry once I get home to release my emotions.

E, I apologize for any hurt feelings you’re feeling. I was being selfish and wasn’t thinking.” M’s face contorted into an anguished expression.

M, don’t do this to any of the other girls you’ll date in the future. Try to be an honest gentleman. But we’re done.” And with that I walk away, proceeding down the hall to my next class. At this point, M and I are late to arriving to our next classes.

The weeks proceeding, M and I only interact when we’re forced to during class and the science club. And the February of our senior year (less than a year after our break up) he and S break up. But the twist? She abruptly leaves him for an older college guy-without warning. It is unfortunate that’s how their relationship ended, but I suppose karma does exist.


P.S I did go to prom that May with my group of friends.


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